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Greetings All,

First, thank you for even taking the time to see my question and helping. To the point--I am using Readium often for EPUBs and would like to be able to cite the EPUB texts for research papers. How to go about doing this? I don't see a page number through the text.

Thank you,

Ah, this is a very interesting question.  The short answer is that we don't currently support page numbers.  On our list, as they say but no ETA yet.

The longer answer is that this is a rather tricky subject.  If the document is reflowable, then what "page number" you are on changes depending on the font size, screen size, etc.  The EPUB Working Group is currently discussion how to better support academic journals, including citations and so on.  It is likely the result will be a more formal methodology based on CFI (

Hope this helps.

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