What is Adaptive Layout?

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What is Adaptive Layout?

In such a case the output depends on the device, the audience is currently using.
It is not only layout, the content can change as well due to server sided user-agent-sniffing.
For example a shop could detect, that a visitor uses some Apple device - and surprise, within the output the prices for products are increased - or other products are displayed.

Concerning EPUB-Books, the idea could be, that your server sends another book, depending on the user-agent-sniffing.
I think, within the book your options to do such manipulations and paternalism is limited to java-script and DOM manipulartion, depending on the information, you can extract from the user-agent with DOM methods - because EPUB 3 requires, that always a non scripted alternative is available, either your book is damaged or users have a simple option to switch off such manipulation - this is different with server sniffing, the audience has to explore the responses of a server with different devices to discover such manipulations and frauds.

A figment.

Nivin17 what you describe is more or lesse responsive layout, not adaptive layout.
You do not necessarily need CSS media queries for a responsive layout, but it is a possible part of it - for example if you need to scale embedded SVG fragments within XHTML with a font-size scaling flexible with the preferences of the reader at the same time - still a practical problem due to bugs of some user-agents and due to the problem, that EPUB3 does not allow some helpful new CSS 3 units and calculation methods.
Therefore even responsive design is somehow for EPUB 3 much more restricted and limited than for normal web pages.
As described, the options for adaptive layout are limited much more for EPUB 3, fortunately in this case.

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