Rendering Engine: what are my options?

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Apart from Readium SDK which is actively promoted by IDPF, what other mature EPUB 3 rendering engines are available to use in a custom eReader? I know of WebKit and RMSDK. Is anyone aware of any other engine I could use ( free or otherwise) ?

Thanks guys.

WebKit is not an EPUB3 renderer but an HTML engine.  It knows nothing about OPF, navigation documents, etc.  RMSDK (which I developed with my team while at Adobe) is an EPUB 2 renderer.  It cannot and will not be upgraded to EPUB 3.  You would be much better off (IMO, of course) helping us identify how Readium does not meet your needs and working to make it meet those needs.  Be aware that we are now moving towards what I term "Readium2" which is a new version of Readium using hybrid technologies (e.g. Electron, etc.).  We would very much welcome your contributions in that regard.

What is Election? Sounds interesting.

Actually, electron (see

There is a prototype in the readium-js-viewer repo in the feature/electron branch.  Just an experiment by daniel weck, but very cool.

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