Some minor problems with Readium not in previously versions:

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Issues recently noticed with updated Chrome extension Readium 2.18.2 on Windows 7:

• Relatively straightforward ePUB2 texts showing as two pages on screen—a few pages into the content of each chapter the edge of the text at the left margin of the left page becomes slightly clipped and gets progressively more so in subsequent pages.

• End matter linked to and from content in the text (descriptions and explanations of images) using ‘chapter.xhtml#id’ interlinking works haphazardly in Readium (not always going to the right place or even close to it).

This wasn’t the case with earlier versions as far as I am aware and doesn’t occur in other eReader software, suggesting these are faults that have crept in with this version.

Also noted:

Some interactive ePUB3 elements that previously worked well in Readium; and responded to the mouse as they would to a finger touch; are now jumpy and dysfunctional. Whilst maybe still not standard content for many publications and there could be other reasons for this (quite possibly), interactivity is part of ePUB3 and it is not helpful when it gets broken by an upgrade.

The features still perform correctly in other eReaders.

The files have been validated and have been used as test files for a while, so changes in how they are rendered, or perform, are noticeable.

Hello JonathanMagus,
1) page side clipping: this rendering bug is tracked already, and some possible solutions are being trialed.
2) hyperlinking: this may well be related to a known EPUB-CFI implementation bug, which is currently being addressed (high development priority)
3) mouse/touch interaction: would you be able to share (with me, for testing) the EPUB that causes the behaviour?
PS: note that some of these bugs may have been introduced by subtle changes in the Chrome rendering engine itself (during the browser's own incremental updates), as Readium's presentation / layout logic has not changed much lately.
Regards, Daniel

Hello Daniel

I have only just seen this reply.

It is good to know that 1) and 2) are covered.

Regarding 3) Yes, I can let you have a copy of the file for testing purposes. I will send you an email with a download link.



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