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Is there a way to skip to a specific page number in Readium?

Readium doesn't seem to scale images to fit on a page when the CSS for the image specifies "width: 100%". Is this a known issue?

I tried to jump to a particular page, or location within the current XHTML file, with location.hash="#anchor" and variants thereof, but that doesn't work--because window.location points to a funny ersatz URL such as "chrome-extension://gcoijjlhonnncebimjockhbjkohghegk/views/viewer.html?book=e75f3f4d2327d8e529db7f78be39e28f". Any ideas about how I could accomplish jumping within the doc, then?

I found that document.location does do the trick (if used with its reload() method). However, this causes a page refresh even if the anchor in question is already displayed on the page. Therefore, logic is needed to see if the anchor is not on the page, which apparently in the case of Readium means it is off to the left or right somewhere.

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