Need help, can't read on PC and IOS

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Pls help
i have an ebook
i want read it on PC or IOS
i have try use ADE, Calibre on PC, but can't see content.
i have try copy to IOS use with Ibook, but same error.
i new know this epub3, how can convert it to a file pdf or how can read on PC?
thanks you
link download :

What language and encoding are the files supposed to be in?  Vietnamese?  I opened a couple of the files and they appear to be corrupted nonsense.  No editor I have would open them. Only the OPF file is readable.  

yes, it's vietnamese, i have read on mobile normal,
i have try copy to PC, but can't read it
i dont know why

i have open file .xhtml but i have encode

how i can decode it?

How did you encode it?

this isn't my ebook, i download it from internet

Where did you download it from?  It appears corrupted.

it not corrupted, because i'm reading this ebook on mobile
i only copy it from mobile to pc

What application are you using to read it on mobile?  I assume by mobile you mean a phone.  What type of phone?  What operating system.

vinabook reader, i use ios

you can search it on app store

if you not use ios can search it on google play

What I suspect is going on here is that the book is encrypted, i.e. it is DRM protected by the Vinabook company.  There should be some info in the encryption XML file, but it lists only the fonts that were obfuscated (a weak sort of DRM) when the file was created in Calibre (an authoring tool).  Vinabook then took the Calibre-book and encrypted each chapter.  This is a common practice.  If this is the case, then the answer is that you CAN'T read it on your Mac or PC until Vinabook creates a Reader for the PC or Mac that knows how to decrypt their files.

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