Hebrew text garbled in new version?

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I design hebrew e-books for several clients, usually using their own app for books. However, one client wanted to test the book on Readium and found out that the text looks weird: http://imgur.com/I8yd4s8
Note how half of the second page moves to the right of the first page.

I've tried it myself and got the same result, even with books that used to work before. I've also tested it with several english epubs which seemed to work fine, so I'm pretty sure it's only in Hebrew.

Did anything change in the last few versions that might have caused this? I can provide a sample book if needed.


Thanks for reporting this. I have started a new issue on this: 


Yes, please, can you provide the book that demonstrates this?  Either via DropBox or similar or email to me at rkwright@readium.org.

Also, can you confirm that this was seen in the Readium Chrome Extension.  What version (about box), what OS?

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