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Hello I have this error in my sigill epub when I try to validate it...

The property 'svg' should be declared in the OPF file.

the file is: ./tmp/uploads/1460740979391_0000211039/inputFile/LaComparsa.epub/OEBPS/Text/Cover.xhtml(-1,-1)

What I should do exactly?

Sorry, I'm new for publishing.

Sorry, this isn't enough information. Can you post the file somewhere or present more details from the OPF file?

It appears you've embedded an SVG image in your cover file, so you need to add the properties attribute with the value "svg" to the manifest entry.

Inside your package document, look for the entry for Cover.xhtml and add like so:

<item href="Text/Cover.xhtml" ... properties="svg"/>


Thank you very much matt!

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