Looking for an ereader software which suports PLS and SSML

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When I've read the epub3 specification, I felt in love of ssml and pls features and I started to implement it on a ebook. I was studying the sample called "georgia-pls-ssml" and the code is very clear and I don't have problem with that.
However, I couldn't find an ereader software with tts able to "read" properly using the code added for that. Could you recommend me any software to test the Georgia sample before to keep going? I was very excited and honesty, now I feel all this work make no sense :(
Thanks in advance

None exist that I know of. PLS lexicons are only supported in certain text-to-speech generators (i.e., not reading systems).

The SSML attributes will likely go down in history as a good idea in the wrong place. We've informally discussed bringing them to W3C to standardize, but there's been no movement to do it. It might happen through the W3C DPUB interest group at some point.

Thank you Matt for your reply. It's sad to hear that, it would have been an excellent feature for accessibility.

That was the intent in including the features, but both are more complex than a simple reading system can handle. Typically it's the OS voicing the content, so unless it supports PLS lexicons and the EPUB SSML attributes, the markup has no effect on the rendering. I've seen experimentation with javascript voicing, but it's too rudimentary for these technologies.

Sad news over here... I was actually going to ask the same. I was even thinking about the necessity of the attribute 'interpret-as' in order to achive a good synthetic speech when, for example, a chapter or century are written in roman numbers...

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