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Hello all member!

I'm making a EPUB 3.0 with indesign cc 2016.
I set my document on facing pages.
I've made some buttons to navigate internal page (as index), but everytime i click on any button, it changes only the page where i clicked.

for exemple:

i'm on page 2-3 (page 2 on the left and page 3), if i click on a button on page 3 that link to page 8 i'll get page 2-8,
furthermore if i click next page button i'll get page 4-5.

But if i use epub bookmarks it works fine.

It doesn't happened if i read my epub on ibooks, so i think it's a readium issue.

Can someone help me please?
Thank's a lot!

I suspect that this is an InDesign -generated window.location a@href destination, in which case Readium (as well as other reading systems) is not able to redirect the hyperlink to the correct spine item in the EPUB package.
Could you please share the problematic EPUB, so we can check this at our end? Thanks

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