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In an EPUB3 containing an article from a journal, I want to specify the journal details in metadata. Essentially, this would be bibliographical data for the article. I have been going around in circles trying to work this out. The marc vocab looked promising, but seems to be limited to marc lists, like relators. Any suggestions for how to proceed?

That should read, "In and EPUB3 containing an articl from a journal, ..."

In EPUB 3.0 you have the meta element with the property attribute, with this you can use semantic information from other namespaces, Dublin Core terms for example, but other resources are possible as well.
Using this you can indicate, what the content of the meta element means.
This works in the same way as for the required Dublin Core term 'modified'.

Of course, one cannot expect, that the usual presentation programs will care about this information.

Within normal content files you can use RDFa to indicate special semantic metainformation about content.

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