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I made a fixed-layout ePUB in InDesign CC 2017. One of the pages has 12 thumbnail images laid out in 4 columns and 3 rows. I want to be able to click on a thumbnail and have it open a larger version of the image into a lightbox overlay along with some text in the caption. In order to do this, I had to crack open the epub with eCan Crusher and manually add the html, css and javaScript information via Dreamweaver. I'm using a lightbox called, Highslide. I got this to work in DW and also when I previewed it in Chrome. However, when I reassembled the ePUB and previewed it in Readium, the feature is not working.

Does Readium support lightboxes and if so, is there a lightbox that is known to work with Readium?

Without seeing the EPUB itself, we can't say.  There is no obvious reason why it shouldn't work, but the markup produced by InDesign is convoluted to say the least.  If you could share the EPUB we would be happy to try and take a look.

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