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Hello everyone
I am sudipta sen a web and graphics design, I make a PDF book design, now client need it to convert EPUB format. I have Install calibre software but when i convert it my PDF design look different. Now i have some question

1) epub support table content ?
2) epub support any graphics text in content part

Please check bellow link for my one page design

I am waiting for reply soon, Its a big help for me.
Thank You

I depends strongly on the quality and type of the content of your PDF on how to convert.

Better solution is not to start with a PDF at all, but with the sources (for example LaTex, EPS files) to get a meaningful result in EPUB.
But if you do not have any high quality soruces, only the PDF dump, there are some tools worth to try, if you have mainly text, maybe pdftohtml.
If you have mainly Graphics (EPS files as sources of the PDF), pdf2svg can be pretty useful.
With both you get a collection of single files as output, you can try to use them as a source for your EPUB content files (XHTML or SVG).
Combined with own scripts or manually you might be able to create some more or less meaningful EPUB from the PDF dump.

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