Impossible to open a local validated epub 3 in play books

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My handmade fixed layout epub 3 is verified with epubcheck-4.0.1: no errors, no warnings. On ibooks and Readium: no problems at all.

I upload the file to my google play books library on Chrome, Firefox, safari. The epub doesn't open and gets stuck with "Processing..." keeping displayed after 10 minutes.

Now, I 'buy" a free fixed epub 3 from the google play books store. The epub opens. I delete the file from my library, download the epub, and upload it again. Now it doesn't open any more. Message: "This book cannot be opened This book contains content that is not yet supported in your browser."

I try the same procedure on an Android device. Same behavior.

I am stuck and would be grateful to have a few hints to move from this gridlock.

This is pretty Google Play -specific.

Uploaded/personal FL EPUB's should be fine on the Android and iOS clients.

I can probably help with any questions -- feel free to reach out to be directly "garth at".

Google Play Books is a notorious hassle. Try this: Import the file into Calibre, convert to EPUB (yes, convert an EPUB to EPUB), then upload to Google Play Books.

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