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I am not able to import local epub file or local epub folder in CloudReader(on localhost).

after browsing the file the progressbar hanged on its position, and getting error in CONSOLE is like below:

"NetworkError: Failed to load worker script at "/READIUMWORKER.js"

Can any one tell where the READIUMWORKER JS IS!

That is correct.  The Library for the CloudReader cannot be expanded by importing EPUBs.  It can only be done by editing the Library's manifest, either the epub_library.json or epub_library.opds, depending on which you are using.  More information about this is here

Correct, the ReadiumJS "web reader" / "cloud reader" is currently a pure client-side app, with absolutely zero server-side code to update a remotely-stored ebook library. The list of EPUB must be statically defined in the "epub_content/epub_library.opds" feed.

Thanks for your answer Ric and Daniel.

And one thing to say if there is zero server-side code then there should be a message popup OnChange input about the functionality is not working right now.

Nice to Q/A with you :)

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