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Hi! I am trying to validate an ePub....I have been able to solve 2 out of the 3 errors (thanks to reading posts on the forum) but the 3rd is driving me crazy.

This is what it is telling me:

ERROR OEBPS/toc.ncx 18 46 Referenced resource could not be found in the EPUB.

Now I can't find the file that is referenced in the line anywhere....and when I try to remove the reference I get a whole new error.

Can someone help please?

Thank you!


Just to add on...this is the line. Also I am using Sigil:

<navPoint id="navPoint-1" playOrder="1">
<content src="Text/Section0001.xhtml"/>

Is "Text/Section0001.html" the same as page 1 or would that be the toc.xhtml?

It depends on how your EPUB is structured, but probably, yes. Is the file Text/Section0001.xhtml in the EPUB in a folder below (i.e. as a child of) the TOC? I.e. the file should be in OEBPS/Text/Section 0001.xhtml.   Remember that case is important.

Thanks! I don't see it as a child....I don't see it anywhere but when I changed that "Section0001.xhtml" to "Demystifying_Planning_-_UPDATE-1.xhtml" (the 1st page of the epub) the error went away.

I read somewhere that Sigil automatically names the first page of any imported epub "Section0001.xhtml"....Maybe that is why it it was mentioned in the "doc.ncx" file??

Ohhhh now I know why....because when you go to "Create HTML Table of Contents" in Sigil it creates the "Section0001.xhtml" and that is why it was appearing in the "toc.ncx" file......

Only thing now I get this error:

"ERROR OEBPS/Text/Section0001.xhtml 8 8 Fixed format item has no viewport defined."

Ok, I found out where...in the header of the "Section0001.xhtml" :)

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