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I work for a publishing company and we are looking into EPUB3. We were wondering if it is possible to stream external video, ie: video hosted on our website/servers from an EPUB3.

Scenario: Costomer downloads EPUB (format 3) of one of our video enhanced ebooks (an ebook with some video clips added for reference). If the customer is reading the epub file on his device -connected to the internet-will he be able to view the video?

The actual video file will not be included in the package, the video file is hosted on our server.

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Yes, there is an exception for audio and video in the specification on the requirement that all resources be in the container. If you're just going to reference your video file from an html5 video element you're fine, but if you're looking at implementing a streaming protocol you'll probably run into support issues.

You need an entry for any remote resources in the manifest and you have to add a properties attribute to the containing file's entry in the in the manifest (properties="remote-resources"), but that's all it takes from a packaging perspective.

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