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I have developed a new epub of Indian language (Malayalam) using HTML5, which supports various e-readers. It's readable in iBook also. But it cannot pass epubcheck. Any hope to pass epubcheck in Indian languages.

What specific error(s) do you get from epubcheck?

The character data of your book alone shouldn't cause errors, so long as the files are properly encoded in UTF8 or UTF16.

for Indian language publisher the main problem is to convert the backlist in epub as it involves a long process of composing in unicode font, proof reading, etc. so I was wondering if there is any possibility of embedding few non unicode fonts in readium so that covernt the backlist(publisher have soft copies in doc, pdf or indesign) to epub can be done is very less time and money. Any help in this will be highly appreciated.

If your backlist has been typeset using earlier Indic fonts they are probably not using correct unicode character mapping but are unicode. There are thousands of "proprietary" fonts in Indic languages made this way. Typically the Latin-1 area was used for the various Indic language characters. Examples I know about are earlier fonts in Shree-Lipi - I am not sure where they are up to now. The first thing to try is convert your existing TTF fonts to WOFF, embed them and see if they work. You can use for the ttf to WOFF conversion. However you need to be clear on your font licensing.

The real answer is to have someone create a processor to process the characters in your files to the correct unicode points, then embed the open source fonts available - the CDAC fonts are fine if you have access to them, or rely on the reading systems language support. There is no easy answer unfortunately.

Thanks Richard for your reply, we will try the first one and let you know if we get any success. For the second one do you know any company who can work in such processor.

"length of first filename in archive must be 8, but was 24"

This is the error when I run the program.
please give me a Solution

The "mimetype" file has to be the first in the archive (and not compressed); that's why it's saying the first file name has to be eight characters.

If you did a random zip of your content, it's likely some other file got archived first. Pop any EPUB open in a text editor and you should see text similar to the following at the start of every one:

PK     0‹t@oa«,            mimetypeapplication/epub+zip

To fix, either create the archive, add the mimetype first and then add all your content+META-INF or else use a program that can do this automatically for you (e.g., epubcheck).

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