How to refine dc:description elements?

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I'd like to add the information of both dcterms:description and dcterms:abstract to EPUB publications, setting them in the dc:description element.

I tried like this (below), but because the character content of the meta element is of 0 length, epubchecker says it's not valid. Is there any way to refine it to "dcterms:description" or "dcterms:abstract", or must I use <meta property="dcterms:abstract">text</meta>? Any help would be appreciated.

<dc:description id="desc1">text</dc:description>
<meta refines="#desc1" property="dcterms:description" />

The refines attribute is not an aliasing mechanism or means of changing the nature of another property, so if you don't add a value you're effectively saying nothing about the property you're refining, which is why it can't be zero length. It's there to make substatements about the referenced property.

EPUB 3 unfortunately doesn't allow nesting of meta tags, so you can't build complex statements the way you appear to want, only by what can be logically chained. In your case, flattening the structure so that the description and abstract are direct statements about the publication looks like the only viable course. Even if you set up some text in the description element to keep it from being invalid, it would be awkward to say that the "description has a description" or that the "description has an abstract", which is what refining it with the dcterms properties would do. I'm not sure a reading system would make sense of that kind of construct, either.

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