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does anyone know if Nexus 10 support EPUB3??

Kobo supports EPUB 3, and their Android app supports a wide variety of devices so most likely will work on Nexus 10.

Right, I've got a Nexus 7 and there are a number of apps that have varying support for EPUB 3. Kobo is one, Lektz is another, Blio and the IDEAL Group Reader are two more accessibility-focused. And there are various others, free and paid.

The one really disappointing thing is that Readium won't work on it. Although a Google device with support for Chrome, browser extensions aren't supported. Lektz is an implementation of the Readium source for Android, however, and is free. You can also read using Google Books, but there's no way (I know of) to side-load books into it like there is for the other apps.

It'd be worth taking a look at the Google Play store for an idea of what's available.

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