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Is there any way to add some fonts to the "words" in the TOC?

The TOC (Navigation Document) in EPUB 3 is XHTML content so it can reference CSS and can be put in the "spine" of the book. If so then it will be displayed with styles as per the Reading System, if & when the reader gets to it in the reading order of the publication. The ability to dual-use the TOC for machine-readable data as well as presentation was one motivation for moving away from the NCX TOC schema of EPUB 2. And of course most books do have a human-readable TOC as part of the book.

There is however presently no way to specify a preference re: Reading System display of TOC in its own specific UI affordance. In my understanding, most Reading Systems currently grab the machine-readable data from the Navigation Document and ignore CSS and other presentational information. Metadata to express preferences for TOC display (styling and more) could be standardized in the future.


Hope to see that TOC display could be standardized but it works great without it also.

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