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Hello friends,

I really need to make a version of cloud Readium work to save a project I need to finish. I need it to work the same as but I have no success in deploying the solution on my site. I downloaded the source code,'m programmer and would love to somehow help with the source code. But I could not do the work in the cloud Readium in IE and other browsers, only worked in Chrome. What should I do? Thank you friends.


I found part of the problem. I was running the application using IIS and not give permission to download files. "Opf" I decided with the following setting in web.config file

<mimeMap fileExtension=".opf" mimeType="application/epub3" />
</ StaticContent>
</ system.webServer>

Now is working in FF, Opera and Chrome on my hosting.
But in Internet Explorer appears the problem with the file in web_plugins.js

(b.setProperty ("SelectionLanguage", "XPath")

Do you know any solution?

thank you

My url test

Apparently not open all the books in my localhost works except the problem with javascript in IE

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