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Is there any spec which is describing the way of referencing other *.epub contents?

If you mean from within content documents, the use of relative IRIs is described in section 2.3 of the OCF specfication.

If you're talking about pointing into the contents of the container, see the EPUB Canonical Fragment Idenfitier Specification.

Hope this helps.

thanks matt,

It seems that "CFI" is what I've been looking for.

Do you know any reading system implementing this spec?

The only one I know of that allows you to use CFIs in content is Readium, but it only had very limited support for path resolution last time I checked (e.g., no support for character/temporal offsets, side bias, ranges, referencing into other ebooks, etc.). So not much better than a simple hyperlink.

There are probably RSes that use CFIs behind the scenes, as they were designed in large part to allow sharing of notes/highlights/etc. (solving the common location referencing problem, at least). I believe Adobe had support for CFIs in RMSDK, but now that it's not being developed anymore that won't help you for EPUB 3. Since most reading systems don't provide a way to export notes/highlights, there isn't an effective way to check.

matt, thank you very much.

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