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Hi. Following is the problem I'm facing:

I'm trying to incorporate zooming controls in a picture. Scenario is that the when the user clicks/double clicks on the page to open it (the page basically consists of a picture which contains text and images/videos) he/she should be able to zoom into the text/image/video present in that image.

I found it difficult to implement. Any help regarding this will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

this is still one of my problem, i know how to zoom images c# . i have plenty of codes. but i just don't know how to implement on the image i am going to click. it would be fantastic if i can use my codes on the pictures.

You can't run .net code in an epub, unless you're building your own reading system. You'll need to write the controls in JavaScript.

A quick search on "image pan and zoom" turns up plenty of widgets you could try if you don't want to write such a thing yourself.

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