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According to
it is only allowed to provide one source for a publication and only one type -

For example there can be more than one source available for a book.
Respectively especially for reconstructions of historical works - this can take
place from different sources to be able to put the complete work together again from fragments .
Or if we take for example an anthology - each part in such a compilation can
come from a different source.

Should one simply use meta elements with Dublin-Core terms instead of
elements to bypass the restriction in such cases?
Or should one use meta elements with the Dublin-Core element source as
property to bypass the restriction or should one simply ignore the restriction,
if it obviously not applies to the current work?
Is this bypass required as well, if the EPUB-publication is not derived from
a print source as indicated, but from online publication (for EPUB 2 I typically use the element for such sources directly referencable with an IRI)?
According to the definition of the source element in Dublin Core it seems to
be ok to use an IRI or to indicate with this element sources for parts of the publication as well.

In a similar way, some works may belong to more than one type of work
(if one for example takes the vocabulary of Dublin-Core for this element, one may have a collection of texts and images etc).

Those restrictions are removed in the 3.0.1 revision, which will be released soon.

The restriction on source was in place for identifying the source of print pagination markers, and existed before all of the DCMES elements were resurrected near the end of the 3.0 revision (initially only title, identifier and language elements were required, and the meta tag was to be used for all other metadata). Another means of identifying the pagination source has been added using refinement, as the restriction is problematic in the final context.

The type element is reserved for specific identification of the nature of an EPUB, and it was assumed that specifications defining such uses would only define a single nature (e.g., this EPUB, as a whole, is an index or dictionary or magazine or comic). But the Advanced Hybrid/Layout working group is also proposing a previews specification, which will require that secondary nature to be used.

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