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The explanations of SMIL elements in
contain some attributes with the prefix 'epub' as
epub:prefix, epub:textref, epub:type.

As far as I have seen, this prefix is not defined before usage in the document
(only defined in each example later correctly, but not for the element descriptions itself).
My suggestion is to add something like
for example at the beginning of section '2.4 Media Overlay Document Definition'.

It would be good if you could log this in the issue tracker. Agree that resolving the prefix mapping shouldn't rely on reading informative examples.

This seems to require some Google account - for the same reason I report
for example none of the collection of bugs I found for the epub validator software epubcheck - my interpretation was, that there is not much interest in response, if the project is hidden beyond Google mysteries ;o)

But of course, if someone wants to sign into a Google account, there is maybe
no further barrier from reporting this to such an issue tracker...

Projects require logins so the issue trackers and wikis don't get flooded with spam from bots; there's no secret cabal controlling the tracker. ;)

W3C doesn't allow anonymous reports, google code projects don't, github projects don't... even if IDPF were to host the issue tracker it would require a login just like the forums do (which even with get a lot of spam).

There are 389 issues in total in the tracker, and not one has been closed unanswered, even if some get deferred or are just plain invalid reports.

I've added yours as 390.

I cannot see the requirement to have a Google account for caring about EPUB. I think, the recommendations are not directly dependent on Google ;o)
There is no problem with individual accounts per project, but Google seems
to collect and connect data over a wide range and having one Google account
for everything is not a good idea for such projects, which have not in focus to
collect and connect data from participants ...

This forum seems to have a problem with some email-providers as well or they have it on a black list - for my first attempt to register an account here still I
have not recived the promised email, therefore I tried it with another email from my own mail server.
As far as I have seen, the recommendations provide no contact address for reports.
All this does not really give a good impression about the interest to get response about EPUB issues ...

At W3C typically you can send an email to a mailing list - this needs no Google account - obviously the email address is exposed, but it is your choice, which to use for this.

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