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I have made a valid EPUB3 according to epubcheck 3.0.1.

TOC links are working fine in the book content (xhtml in spine), but they don't do the job in the Readium navbar (iBooks also fails, in Kobo app works fine).

I have included the pertinent properties="nav" in the OPF:

<item id="toc" properties="nav" href="nav/indice.xhtml" media-type="application/xhtml+xml"/>

I have also included the pertinent xmlns:epub="" in the html tag and the epub:type="toc" in the first nav element of indice.xhtml:

<nav epub:type="toc" id="toc">
<li><a href="../text/prologo.xhtml">Prólogo</a></li>
<li><a href="../text/prefacio.xhtml">Prefacio</a></li>

I can't understand what I'm doing wrong.

Happy if anyone can help me.

Thank you in advance,

Readium is kind of flaky in the way it unpacks your content, flattens out the directory structure and then tries to monkey with the linking,

If you put the navigation document in the same directory as the content files, the problem should go away. But you should file a bug.

Odd that iBooks is failing. i haven't had a chance to test, but I would expect it's a similar problem.

Thanks for the answer, Matt.

The problem goes away in Readium, as you say, when the navigation document is in the same directory as the content files. In that case, iBooks keeps failing.

If the nav document is in the OPF level, it works fine too in Readium.


I haven't seen the directory problem in iBooks, so I guess that's not surprising. I tried a couple of tests and I couldn't make the directory location affect the toc links.

I couldn't hazard a guess what might be causing your problems in that one, as it's undoubtedly not something obvious. I'd be interested to know what you discover, though. Best of luck with it.

It's a very strange case, because I had made an other EPUB3 book working without problem in iBooks app with the nav document in a specific nav folder. Besides, the book with the problem works fine in the desktop iBooks version...

Finally, I have the TOC links of the book working in Readium, iBooks and Kobo with the navigation document placed in the same level as the OPF file. Although I don't understand well why...

Thank you for the interest and helpfull words, Matt. We keep in touch.

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