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Hi. During the summer of -13 I used to be able to scroll down in my ebooks and not until I reached the end of a chapter did I have to click to the next page.

This kind of reading is how I prefer it, to be able to keep scrolling instead of switching to "next page".

Now this function seems to be gone and Readium splits the text to fit into a "screen-page" and to read the next page I have to press the next page arrow.

How come it was removed and are there any plans to re-introduce the scrolling function? The option to choose which one to use would be preferable.

(I am reading on a 2012 Macbook Air, Os X 10.9, Mavericks)

/ Jonis

If there aren't any plans to bring that functionality back, does anyone know of any other e-book readers, either in chrome or for Os X that has smooth scrolling functionality?

/ Jonis

(Also, since the option to not have the black top border was removed (IIRC and there actually was an option "back in the day") it now appeares every time you move the mouse or trackpad. This means that everytime I use my trackpad the white topborder is replaced with the black one and it's a bit annoying now and will definitely be so if scrolling is brought back.)

thanks for the feedback. there are now options to set the preference for scrolling vs. paginating in the content itself (a metadata property added in EPUB 3.0.1 update, see: rendition:flow-scrolled-continuous) and Readium for Chrome supports these metadata so a workaround would be to edit your ebook to add this. But that's obviously not practical if it's your general preference so we are looking to add back in that property. re: collapsing the toolbar even when mouse moves, we can look into that as well. I agree that having the toolbar reappear on every scroll gesture doesn't seem right.

Thank you. I was hesitant to make an account here. I really thought that the forum was practically dead. :) Now I'm glad I did get here and ask my questions.

It's good to know that you're looking to add back the scrolling function. I'm not that overly technical and have no idea how to edit my ebooks. (I'm not using any other ebook reader than readium)

Again, thanks for the answer!

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