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I can't read the book I have uploaded.
It was working fine yesterday. Nothing appears after the title page. Even using the contents sidebar doesn't take me me to the required chapter.
Basically it has stopped working.

Hi, this sounds like a serious bug. Can you provide the information about the title (basically all of the information in "Details" dialog available in the library in list view). Ideall also email me the .epub file (bmccoy ----at---- Thanks.

The fixed layout ePub is not working properly in Readium now. Readium totally was changed.

Yes Readium for Chrome was totally changed (with a new codebase underneath the covers) and I apologize that the change caused problems for you. If you are having problems with a particular title we need to know the information about the title - ideally a copy of the publication via email - and more details about what's going on. "not working properly" is not actionable as a bug report. Thank you.

I'm seeing the exact same problem. I've got a title page and the contents menu has loaded, albeit strangely, but nothing else is showing up.

The file in question is an hand-made epub3 I've been using for tests at work. It uses media queries in the CSS, but is otherwise more or less the same as an epub2. It displayed normally in older versions of Readium.

Also, still no support for page-break CSS?

Hi BHollingum, does your hand-made file validate via current epubcheck ( without any errors? And, can you send me the file (bmccoy -at- Thanks!

It didn't. I just went through and tweaked the files so that it did. Now it works, so fair enough.

The only reason it didn't pass validation, however, was the presence of two files in the OEBPS that were not mentioned in the .opf. They weren't referenced by any file in the book -- just two css templates that I'd decided not to use and forgotten to delete. This isn't the sort of error that usually causes a complete failure to render -- not even Adobe Digital Editions is that pedantic.

if you email the original file (or a sanitized version if contains copyright content you don't want to share) and ideally also the fixed version for comparison then we can make a test case. It does seem very strange that CSS files not used anywhere could cause a rendering failure but we would need the file to track it down.

I don't have time to do that I'm afraid. The files are entirely copyrighted material and the book is extremely image-heavy (it's something like 40mb – as I mentioned before, it is a test file that I hadn't ever expected would leave my machine).

I tested a few of my other epub3 files and got almost the exact same result in a file where two of the items in the .opf manifest had the same ID. Not sure if that's relevant.

If I get time over the next week or so I'll try and make a generic file that reproduces the problem.

OK well that's a helpful clue - it's not just that you had "orphan" CSS files but that you had duplicate ID's in manifest, I can see how that might confuse the rendering engine but if previous Readium and other reading systems handle it better then we can take a look. Thanks.

Hi. I'm in the same boat. Just completed a book that reads fine in Adobe Digital Editions. When I bring it into Readium,it works for a few pages and then the pages do not show anymore. This happened twice. In each case, as soon as the pages don't show, nothing shows of the pages that have already been viewed. In other words, one cannot go backward or forward. The book just disappeared. I'm happy to send the epub file if you'd like to test it yourself.

yes please! email epub file to bmccoy -at- - we are investigating the reports but our FXL test files are workign fine.


I submitted a query under the heading - Book loads but will not open. I tried this very basic svg in the spine epub with a few other readers with most it worked. However there were a few problems, to sort these out I converted the epub to a fixed layout. This sorted the problems I wished to resolve, but on trying my now fixed layout epub with Readium the ebook appears to load but now renders nothing. No images can be viewed even using the nav facility.


Jim, as noted in the other thread (Book loads but will not open) this is now fixed and will be in the next release.

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