Readium keyboard navigation is gone?

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My Chrome Readium app updated automatically today and I noticed the keyboard arrow left and right keys no longer change pages. Is this intended behavior?

Sounds like a bug. We'll look into it.


Could this be because your readium reader's touch mode is on? (the check mark next to the hand icon on the top right). Not sure, just an idea.

@anondas: the "touch-to-play" icon (pointing hand + red cross or green tick) is a button that enables / disables the EPUB3 Media Overlay "click-to-start-playback" feature. So, if your book has no Media Overlays, this has no effect. If your book has Media Overlays, you are given the option to disable the touch support, so that MO playback does not interfere with other interactivity in the book's content (e.g. active tactile graphics, canvas, etc.).
The previous / next page large icons on either side of the content are unrelated to MO "touch-to-play".
Regards, Daniel

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