What just changed so my fixed-layout books aren't formatted properly

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Last time I looked at my fixed-layout picture books (this past weekend), everything showed fine. Then today I loaded the app, it took several minutes processing, the library looks different and my books now don't show up correctly! Everything looks different, including the settings popup menu. What changed? Was it a new version?

I use this app because its the only one I can get to show my fixed-layout picture books on my win8 system via chrome.

Thanks for any help

Seriously. Need help with this. The whole point of coming to Readium and a universal format ePub3 is that we can have stability in being able to read the format. And Readium is the only one that supports interactivity like crosswords, etc. so I really liked publishing books for it. Please don't make the process more difficult by changing settings that mess with page size and rendering so that interactive, fixed-layout books don't work.

Fixed layout is having issues in the new version of Readium (Version 2.12.4, released February 13, 2014). We really lookforward best solution from Readium team.

We rewrote the entire app, including a new epub rendering engine. There are going to be bugs but we are committed to fixing them.

We tested some fixed layout books before releasing and they seemed to work fine. Therefore, the problems you're experiencing are most likely specific to the books you're trying to open. The most helpful thing you can do is tell us which epubs aren't working correctly. So we can try it ourselves and diagnose the problem.

Fixedlayout epubs of width=702px, height=940px or 800 px height, 920 width is not rendering properly. Specifically, if the book has Background images the text in the first page reflows to the next.

Fixedlayout epub of width =650 px, height =700px works fine. But it also has some minor alignment problems in handling the Background images.

The earlier version of Readium perfectly rendered fixedlayout of varied resolution without any issues

Do you have an example epub you could send me so I can test? ryanackley at gmail dot com

I have shared the example Fixed layout epub to your email ID along with the screenshots.Let me know if you have not received it.

Please send me (babu.rajaram@integra.co.in) the sample fixed layout ePub or full specification to the below mail for our reference.

Hi Babu,

I have shared the epub to your email ID.

Hi Moorthy,

I have raised to readium(IDPF) team not for you. Sorry for the confusion.

That's fine. Update if you have any contribution to Readium.


I'm the lead developer on the Readium Chrome extension. I've looked at the books and I've identified some bugs that will be fixed.

Note that the book's text is misaligned when opened in the old chrome extension as well. Therefore, the misalignment of text is possibly a problem with your book or a bug that existed in the old chrome extension as well.


Hi Ryan,
Good to know that you are the lead developer of Readium Chrome extension. Thank you very much for your response and kind words. I am happy that you have added the issues to Readium roadmap. By the way, is it possible to get access of the previous version of the Readium or URL to test the epubs. So that I can advise my clients to use it, until we get stable new version.

Hi Riyan,
Previously in older version of Readium, all of our e-Books(fixed layout/reflowable with mathml, interactivity, enhanced and readaloud) was worked fine. But now it's not working in new version. It seems like the Readium went back to the initial version. Please let us know how to make the fixed layout books (with MathML & Interactivities) work in Readium and also supply us the sample with MathML & Interactivities to the below mail.

My Mail ID: babu.rajaram@integra.co.in


The fixed layout/reflowable with interactivity, enhanced and readaloud is worked fine now. But MathML does not working in new version.

I have noticed that suddenly with the latest version of Readium Version 2.13.4, released March 17, 2014 ....
Background images in Fixed Layout is not rendering properly. I have a background image for the body tag which should be filling the body but only seems to fill about 50%. It used to work! Aoole iBooks is working fine. I could send a sample if you want to give me an email address.

Yes, could you please send us a sample? rkwright@readium.org Thank you very much

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