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I was able to delete whole contents at once in my library (I found the holder that keeps the library info and delete the file) on the previous version, but after upgraded, it hasn't been deleted even though I do the same work. Has it been changed the place that keeps the library info?

One more question. I was able to keep the same contents -e.x. sample version and original version on 1 title- on the previous version, but on the newest version, I can't and I've been asked replace or cancel the content. I thought the program refer the title info, because sample/original has the same title info in general, but it seems it doesn't.

Like existing content name is "ABCD" and the new contents name "ABCDE XYZ". These are totally different content so "ABCDE XYZ" should be extracted as different content I thought, but Readium asks me "Replace" or "Cancel" What my most curious point is that it doesn't happen "always". I really don't understand what happens over there.

Could anybody help me?

I'm from Japan and I've been using Readium on my work. There are no place I could ask. I really appreciate your support.


We changed how the books were stored. All of the book data is stored in the HTML5 filesystem.

There is a javascript function that you can access from the javascript console called "cleanEntireLibrary" that will delete all books and library data. Let me know if you need more information on how to run this.

We also removed the ability to add 2 books with the same id. It was directed more at end-users. They wouldn't want to add the same book twice. Although, it's a valid use case for epub implementors who want to do testing.


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