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I am disappointed with the latest upgrade to Readium. We use Readium to review edupubs.
• The rendition of content is poor and not satisfactory as what we experienced in the previous version. I must view content in iBooks, which is not convenient.
• I cannot open/read a lot of edupub titles in my bookshelf that were added prior to version 2.12.4
• I also do not understand why Readium adds extra scripts to mathml, thus causing rendering issues of all math equations. This is not acceptable.
• Readium appears to chop off images instead of resizing them.

I think we need a further update to fix these issues so that our team can review edupubs without any hassles.

Hi, sample files that show the issues you're having would be very helpful. you can email to bmccoy -at- ... and/or if you can illustrate your concerns with epub files from EPUB 3 samples gallery ( that would be equally helpful. the old Readium extension had issues too, the new one clearly is having some different issues, but now we have a team to work on them - but we need specific bug reports to make it actionable. Thanks!

Previously in older version of Readium, all of our e-Books(fixed layout/reflowable with mathml, interactivity, enhanced and readaloud) was worked fine. But now it's not working in new version. It seems like the Readium went back to the initial version. Please let us know how to make the fixed layout books (with MathML & Interactivities) work in Readium and also supply us the sample with MathML & Interactivities.

Hi - we also have the issue with 2.12.4 that our fxed layout eBooks are not displayed correctly anymore (double page does not work at all). So please fix this issue as soons as possible.
Thanks a lot for your support!

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