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All the buttons on the Readium toolbar used for navigation, adding of books etc. are not labelled properly. the screen reading software users are having difficulty in using this new update.

This is something which must be fixed quickly. screen reading software is not able to dis

Hi, which localization(s) are you referring to particularly? that strings are incomplete is a known issue, and we hope to get contributed translations very quickly.  See note at the end of: http://readium.org/news/readium-for-chrome-gets-major-upgrade . Apologies if this has caused accessibility issues.

I assume you are testing the Chrome Extension? What operating system and what screen reader are you using. The accessibility of the extension still needs work but I was able to hear the buttons and invoke them using JAWS 15 in Windows 7 (64 bit) in English.

Hello all,
I spent some time with a screen reader user who helps me identify accessibility issues (as I do not personally use assistive technology). I am now improving the user interface with ARIA label etc.
Note that JAWS works best with Internet Explorer, not so great with Chrome. However, we are doing our best to make the Chrome extension as usable as possible, by everyone.
Thank you for your feedback!
Regards, Daniel

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