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I made EPUB book using MediaOverlay3.0.
But new version Readium is not able to play MediaOverlay audio.

Because In the book which cannot play audio, I use the period in the identifier of the span tag for SMIL.
so It does'nt seem to recognize such id.
However, I think that the use of the period for identifier is permitted.

Content Document(main.xhtml)
<p><span id="_id1.1">xxxxxxxxx</span></p>

Mediaoverlay Document (SMIL)
<text src="../text/main.xhtml#_id1.1" />

I hope that function becomes the previous behavior.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, the bug is now fixed.
The next release should hopefully be available to the public shortly.
Kind regards, Daniel

I am glad to hear that.
Thank you for the answer!

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