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I would like to know when the new update of readium will be ready, if there is going to be one, or when the problems of the current version will be solved.

In the new version, my epubs links are not working anymore, neither the footnotes.

thanks for all the work you have done so far.

Hello adria, what "links" are you referring to?
1) navigation links (i.e. from TOC / table of content)
2) internal links (i.e. from one place in the content to another location within the same EPUB)
3) external links (i.e. that points to a resource outside the EPUB, typically http:// URL)

As for the footnotes, I assume you are referring to the epub:type="noteref" and epub:type="note" EPUB3 mechanism? Did the old Readium Chrome extension support this feature? As far as I know this is on the "todo" list for the new Readium app.

Regards, Daniel

Version 2.13.3 (which includes fixes for the links bug and many others was posted on Monday, March 10).

The fixed layout/reflowable with interactivity, enhanced and readaloud is worked fine now. But MathML not working in new version. We are embedding the MathML codings in ePub, but not working. Kindly let us know how make them to work in Readium.

Thanks for the your updation.

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