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I have found it helpful to be able to run my Android app using an x86 emulator (I'm using Genymotion) for speed so that development is more rapid. I then follow up by running on the device to make sure it runs on the host platform well.

Unfortunately, that doesn't work with Readium out of the box because it is native code compiled for ARM. It has some precompiled static dependencies which make it non-trivial to recompile it for x86.

I have managed to build a Readium jar file that will run on both ARM and x86. I am sure the process could be made easier, but I have compiled a list of instructions for building it at


Wow. This looks great! I'd like to try it, but do you have any objections if I lift your instructions from the link and embed them in the Readium documentation?

Ric Wright
Director of Engineering
Readium Foundation

No problem. Actually, some alterations to the build files and inclusion of the x86 static libraries could make building for x86 either a normal part of building the library or a much easier process.

Oh, and also note that I tried to use all of the Readium forks for the static libraries, but I couldn't get ICU building using the Readium fork. Whoever maintains that and does those builds might be able to provide insight as to getting that building for x86 so that the x86 build runs on the same copies of the same libraries.

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