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Dear reader,

We have a fixed layout EPUB (optimized for iOS) where we have some pages, that are navigated via vertical swipe (jquery-based), so one side can be used as many sides (layer1, layer2, layern). To be able to link to the layers we can work with anchors (f.e. target.xhtml#layer2) or passing parameters (f.e. target.xhtml?layer2). A javascript of the target.xhtml can interpret the link and fires an event that let the wished layer appear.
All that works fine using desktop browsers (Safari, Firefox, IE), but always fails in iBooks.

Is there any way to pass whatever kind of additional parameters with the link-url, so the targets js can identify data to fire events?

Any kind of help is very appreciated.

Thank you


I don't work with fixed layout books, but I've had no major problems with passing data to script code via the query string or fragment identifier using iBooks. I did hit a few snags in my initial attempts to use both at the same time, mainly because I forgot the # character would effectively terminate the query string and put everything that follows it into the hash. I managed to debug this using alert() commands to look at window.location, window.location.search and window.location.hash.

I am having issues with Readium (Chrome extension at least), which doesn't seem to retain the query string or the hash components of internal links, so parameters are not available to scripts.

Hallo JaseJ,

Thank you for your interest. Yes, we tried to recognize the internal structure using alert() commands too, but we received only some cryptic links, we were not able to interpret the needed way. I thought, that over here we can get some infos from the core of development, so we know how to and where to carry on.

Maybe there is someone over here who has got the needed knowledge and will help you and us to solve our problems. At this time I found informations nowhere, no specification, nothing.

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