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I am working on a large (460MB) epub file with 20 audio files and two videos. All audios are mp3 and the videos are H.264 mp4. They all work fine in iBooks.

When I load the file in Readium about two thirds of the audio files are not working (the player is visible but cannot be activated, no fallback text visible). All the files who are not working are 18 MB and larger. All files up to 15,9 MB are working.

I saw this post and tried loading the same file again. I also noticed the strange behaviour that now some of the previously not working files appear to work. BUT they did not load correctly since they only play a couple of minutes and large parts from the beginning or the end of the files are missing.

Is the relation to the size of the media files a coincidence? Any ideas?

The ebook was made exporting a file from InDesign, then edited with Sigil and mainly Calibre (1.42). MAC OS X 10.9.2. Readium for Chrome 2.14.2

I tried to include fallback streaming sources for the videos (.webm files on our server). And I also added the audio files as online fallback resources. While Readium does not play large embedded mp3 files it does play the very same files when they are online. So maybe that's a workaround until this issue is fixed. Maybe I'll even put out an “media online only” version of the epub without the embedded media files.

I have the same problem. I, too, have large fixed-layout epubs with big video files. Some of the video files do not play in Readium. I'm rerendering the video in Premier and will reinsert the vids into my books. If you figure it out, please let me know. Same here.

Books were created in RedJumper Book Creator. Readium for Chrome 2.14.2.

If you can post an example of a file that fails somewhere (e.g. dropbox) where we can download the EPUB that fails, we can take a look. You can reach me directly at

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