Readium Chrome: importing large EPUB files is very slow

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Importing large EPUB files with "import from local file" in Readium for Chrome is very slow and sometimes it hangs after 2-3 minutes, resulting in the book not being imported in the library.

You can test with the following CC-licensed EPUB file: (227 MB), and the problem is even worse for larger files (we have some titles above 1GB).

Note that importing the very same file "from unpacked directory" (i.e., after I unzipped it) is reasonably fast. My guess is that this issue is caused by the unzipping done via JS.

I tried this with the Shakespeare volume and didn't find it too slow. Perhaps 10 seconds or so? Were you doing this in the Chrome Extension or in what we call the CloudReader, which runs in different browsers? The CloudReader CAN be slow because as you indicate, the unzipping is done in JavaScript. The Chrome Extension on the other hand, uses a native service provided by Chrome. The CloudReader performance is a known issue. We are looking at it, but it is not obvious that there is a good solution.

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