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Hi guys,

I have an e-Book which has a button linked to a website outside the e-book (for example http://www.google.com), but this button does not response.

Maybe it is an epub 2.1 e-book, so it is not available to link outside the book? Or it's the reason because of the sandboxing and restriction of my reading app?

I do not find anything about the URL and Linking Rules in epub < 3.0. Basically epub 3.0 does support linking to outside webpages.

thanks in advance

Hello Everyone, I need help on load my ePub file into VitalSource Bookshelf.

I have created sample of ePub file which needs to be compatible with VitalSource Bookshelf.

The VitalSource Bookshelf apps added into my iPad and I don't know how to load and View my sample ePub file in Bookshelf.

If anyone known about this, please guide me.

Looking forward to your response,


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