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The new readium.js "refactoring" is very exciting. I have incorporated the SimpleReadium.js package into a TideSDK (WIndows) desktop application and it works with the included epub3 samples. However, it does not seem to work with MathML or fixed-format ePubs. I wonder if this is due to the alpha- or beta- level of the release (not yet being functionally equivalent to the full Readium chrome reader) or may be related to my specific adaptation in TideSDK?

Also, is there a developers forum or further sites relating to this new project -- I firmly believe that ePub 3 can not advance without "ePub 3 reader" applications which actually implement the FULL Standard. All the (lame) proprietary and partial implementations keep alive the "not ready for prime time" attitude about ePub3. The standard is ready.... the readers are not, and until the benefits (audio, video, scripting, media overlays, fixed- and reflowable formats, CSS3, etc.) can be seen in readily-available (free and open source) readers on all devices, the standard will not become the (single) format of choice for publishing.

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