Font Embedding in Epub 2

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I am a book publisher based in India. 20% of our titles are in Indian regional languages predominantly Hindi language.
Most of Indian publishers had developed (and continue to develop) their Hindi books (and books in other regional languages) using local 8 bit (ASCII) fonts on outdated pagemaker software. Most of these fonts are freely available on the internet.

Now as newer digital channels have arisen, so has the need to convert the content in epub format. We are trying to develop an ebook e-commerce platform and plan to source epubs from publisher. Most of the fonts we have come across are of the type .pfm and .pfb (postscript). I have read somewhere that an epub supports only .ttf and .otf type of font and not postscript (while embedding). Would embedding a postscript font give a validation error. (Trying to find and use a Hindi Unicode font is not an option).

Please help.

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