Strange table behaviour

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Hello guys,

I am working on an EPUB3 file which contains a big table (140 rows, 5 cols). The reader that will generally be used is Readium.
When opening the .epub file it looks quite nice, although the page-break-inside avoid thing obviously doesn't work (I found out this is a Chrome/Webkit problem).

After turning the page the table layout messes up and the col width defined in a css file becomes ignored. In addition, on page 2 the content of the top most tr is vertical-aligned top while all other data is vertically centered.

What I want:
- the rows should have the same height (regardless it is absolute or relative)
- td content always vertical aligned middle
- any chance to not split images and instead move the image to the next page?

screenshot 1st page:
screenshot 2nd page:

Here is my epub for testing purposes:

Thank you!


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