How to approach to resolve these errors ?

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I created fixed layout book and I validated it with

I found no error in validation, it works fine on ipad.

When I uploaded it to itunes apple reported followings, it looks their epub checker engin is finding something more. Any tips on these will greatly help me.

Thu Jun 20 13:23:19 2013] [/tmp/epitool-1_14-P/lib/ePubUtilities/ePub.c:262:correct_ncx_mimetype()] Error -42308: failed to retrive value of "toc" attribute for "spine" node.

[Thu Jun 20 13:23:19 2013] [/tmp/epitool-1_14-P/lib/ePubUtilities/ePub.c:884:epub_encrypt()] Warning: failed to correct mimetype in ePub OPF "OEBPS/package.opf" at "/tmp/epitool.vSayZ9/jJp1iQ".

[Thu Jun 20 13:23:19 2013] [/tmp/epitool-1_14-P/lib/ePubUtilities/ePub.c:575:epub_get_file_by_uri()] Error -42023: failed to find file with URI "OEBPS/iTunesMetadata.plist".

[Thu Jun 20 13:23:19 2013] [/tmp/epitool-1_14-P/lib/ePubUtilities/ePubOPFItemIterator.c:187:opf_item_iterator_next()] Error -42308: failed to get file named "OEBPS/iTunesMetadata.plist".

[Thu Jun 20 13:23:19 2013] [/tmp/epitool-1_14-P/lib/ePubUtilities/ePub.c:897:epub_encrypt()] Error -42308: invalid NULL next item in OPF iterator.

This the output of my validation.

Epubcheck Version 3.0.1

Validating against EPUB version 3.0
No errors or warnings detected.

I fixed these issues now.

I had entry in toc.xtml as <nav epub:type="toc" >, I made it <nav epub:type="toc" id="toc">

Also it looks apple need iTunesMetadata.plist in OEBPS/iTunesMetadata.plist.

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