Is there any standard DRM specification in EPUB 3?

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I could find a spec related to DRM in EPUB 3 which is just a xml file called rights.xml. But no where I found an example of this file. If an epub book needs to be protected with DRM, Should I only use rights.xml or I need to write my own DRM to acheive it. Someone please help me with this.

The EPUB3 specification does not define any method for digital rights management. The Readium Foundation is working on lightweight DRM:, otherwise you will need to find a commercial DRM solution.

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Hi sasincj,

Please guide me to apply simplest DRM on epub3 book. I have tried to include sample rights.xml, but nothing happened. Secondly I have tried encryption.xml and while opening it gives msg that book is DRMed.
but this is not sufficient, as I understood the content encryption is also required. I want the device MAcaddress to be matched for opening the DRMed book.

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