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Dear Forum Users,

I need a clarification regarding the key folder name in any ePub package.. Either it could be an "OPS" or an "OEBPS", I would like to know are there any conventions in creating these folder with the name given in different Cases.
Example:- I have seen folders like "Ops" instead of usual "OPS" or "Oebps" instead of "OEBPS"

Let me know are there any set guidelines for this..Because One of my html file of ePub package was unable to render in iOS device reader due to the case mismatch... I had given the html file path as "OPS/Chapter1.html" instead of "Ops/Chapter1.html". Here the folder name in the file system was "Ops" (Upper Camel Case)

Looking forward to get some reply :-)

Ravi Kumar

The spec does not require any special folder names (other than for the META-INF folder). Most people use OEBPS or OPS, but the important thing is to be consistent, and to remember that paths are case-sensitive.

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