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an attribute 'about' is mentioned to be applicable for the element 'meta' in an OPF-document.

However I cannot find a definition for such an attribute.
Can anyone point me to the definition of this attribute?
If not, is this a residual from using something like RDF(a) for metainformation?
Or is it mixed up with the attribute 'refines', used in the example below the section,
that mentions 'about'?
The text at least indicates to reference with this attribute the document,
the metainformation applies to, what fits to the meaning of the attribute 'about' from RDF.
'refines' would reference instead the manifest item of the document, not the document directly,
as done in the example as well, therefore if this is really mixed up, some clarification should
include some change of the wording as well.
If this really means an attribute from RDF, obviously the namespace needs to be mentioned and a prefix has to be used.

We originally had an implementation of RDFa, but it was changed at the end of the 3.0 revision because there were objections that it wasn't a fully compatible subset (referencing off IDs for triple generation). Those references to @about in the MO spec were missed, but have already been changed in 3.0.1 to @refines.

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