Handling interactivity for ePub2 packages in Readium

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Dear All Readium followers,

As we know, there is micro level or almost no support in ePub2 for interacticity. Like, Handling user click events while reading a book, Doing some annimations, Opening a popup on some action etc.

We also know, that there is a direct support for Javascript in ePub3 which allows us to perform all the above interactive stuffs.
My question is, Does Readium supports or provides any option/APIs to perform all/some of these stuffs for ePub2 packages.. I want to just open up a popup window on click of a text. This can be directly done with javascript. But, How can the same be done in case of EPUB2 where there is no concept of client-side scripting..

Let me know how can I perform this in Readium if you have any idea...Atleast your suggestions and feedbacks on the topic is also highly appreciable.

Thanks & Regards,
Ravi Kumar

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