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i've a really large text file (xhtml) and I want to publish this as an epub. I mean large file. I want to split that into smaller pieces so that the readers or apps can deal with it, but I wonder, how many xhtml text files an epub can contain? Hunderts? Thousands? Before I can start the project, I would like to know, if there is a limitation regarding the number of files in an epub format ebook?

After splitting the large file, the structure in an epub would be something like this



Is this possible according to the standards?

Thank you.

I suppose there are two parts to this question, if you want to get really technical: how many files can you add to a zip file, and does that number potentially conflict with what the operating system can handle in a directory if a reading system unpacks all the files in order to render the publication (assuming no hierarchical structure).

As the OCF container format requires support for the ZIP64 extensions, the limit on entries is 2^64 - 1, so you're not in any danger there.

And as far as any modern OS is concerned, the practical limit on files in a directory is generally in the billions, so well below what you can add to a zip file, but still probably well in excess of your needs.

If you're really worried that a reading system may not properly implement support for the ZIP64 extensions, the original file limit was 65,535. Stay below that and you shouldn't ever have problems.

I haven't heard of anyone running into issues with the number of files in the container, though, only with the max size of content documents.

Thank you very much, that helps me thru

max size of content could be an issue i will test this with some readers and apps

thanks again

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